This Incredible New Personal Space Air Cooler Lets You Quickly And Easily Cool Any Space!

Why not extend this feeling to your home or workplace?

What Is It Exactly And How Does It Work?

Features :

Summer can be great, but long hot days in the brutal heat can quickly become intolerable, particularly when you're trying to work, relax, or sleep...

No matter what you do, heat can easily find a way to make your living space a dehydrating, sweaty, and uncomfortable nightmare. Sound Familiar? All of us love the relief of a nice, cool breeze on a hot day outside. We're used to feeling it in cars, shops, and hotels. After suffering in the uncomfortable heat getting some fresh cool air feels amazing.

Traditional AC units are outdated. They are expensive to install and even more costly to run. They look ugly and are difficult and dangerous to clean. You can't even move them around the house with you or take them outside!

Fans can be cheaper, but they only blow around the air - what if the air is too hot already? Its actually making you feel worse when the hot air is moving around your hot room! Plus they are VERY noisy.

Thankfully, there is this amazing new device called CoolAir! It is an innovative alternative to AC or fan that cools your space. It allows you to keep cool no matter where you are without the need for a plug socket.

The CoolAir was designed by two American engineers who were fed up suffering in the hot summers in their winter homes. They found that AC units were super inefficient and expensive to use. The engineers also noticed that none of the traditional AC units were made to travel with.

CoolAir uses a fan to draw outside air through wet filter pads. This filters the air of impurities and lowers the air temperature due to the evaporation of water within the pads. The cooled air is then distributed directly to your wanted space.

    • Adjustable Blade - The wind outlet blade can be adjusted, moving up and down to control the direction of cooling.
    • 3-Speed Fan - The fan has 3 different speeds to fit all needs. Try it sleeping, working, or playing sports!
    • Long-Lasting Tank - The water tank lasts up to 8 hours.
    • Multi-Color - Offers seven different mood light color options.

    CoolAir is a powerful, lightweight and compact air cooler that you can take anywhere. It cools, moisturises and cleans the warm air from your room to make it a breeze of fresh, cool and clean air!

    You just need to simply fill up the inbuilt reservoir with 20oz/0.6L of normal tap water, then plug it into a USB port (it's low energy so can even run of a phone or laptop battery!).

    From here, you can adjust the temperature to whatever feels most comfortable thanks to its fully adjustable digital thermostat. And not only will the air be cool, it will be fresh and clean as well!
    CoolAir's built-in extremely quiet fan and soothing night light also make it perfect to use throughout the night for a comfortable sleep.

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    And so far, we have not even mentioned that the CoolAir is also filtering the dust and harmful particles out of your air. Improving your overall health, boosting your immune system and shortening your recovery time from sickness. It is like breathing the cleanest Swiss mountain air!

    We all know traditional AC units are full of dust, harmful mould and dangerous bacteria particles inside. You then breathe that toxic mixture in causing you big health problems later on...

    Such a quality unit for this price makes us definitely say yes! Its portable, powerful, effective and cheap to run. Just think of the amazing sleep and comfort you can get with your CoolAir!

    Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

    SUMMARY: What makes CoolAir better than traditional air coolers?

    Having an air conditioner on all day can cost a lot of money and take up too much space. Traditional AC units are full of dust, harmful mould and dangerous bacteria particles inside. This product is marketed as a more portable, efficient, and effective alternative to air conditioning, as well as a more efficient, powerful replacement of a fan.

    Now you can cool down your space without the sky-high electricity costs. This air personal cooler actually cools around you, where you need it the most, while having the size and energy consumption of a small fan!


    My office is ridiculously hot and really uncomfortable. The fan I had on my desk was loud, and blew my hair around and distracted me. More importantly, though, blowing hot air at me did not help.This unit has made my office pleasant and comfortable for the first time ever. The unit comes out ready to use, except just add water. It works exactly as directions state: fill the tank, let it absorb for 5 mins then start it up and you will feel lovely cool air gently coming out. Really cool like A/C, not a fan. I actually got too cold on high, so I use it on the 2nd setting (there are 3 settings). I like also that you can power it via USB on your laptop or use the traditional plug adapter. One thing I found though, it says it one tank of water will power on low for 8 hours (like 18 -20 oz?) but mine I have to refill several times a day -- I'm assuming my office is not only HOT but very dry as well. I am really raving about this -- it's pretty life changing if you are miserable and feel sick being too hot at work.


    This is a humidifier, that will blow the air at you. How cool the air feels coming out depends entirely on how humid the air where you use it is, it flushed through the water tank within 2 hours in my office which means it does a good job evaporating. If you've stood in front of a misting fan in an amusement park, you have an elevated experience of what this fan does. However, it does put decent moisture into the air (via paper fins that all lead to a dish at bottom where water tank feeds via gravity) and the air coming out feels nice and cool. 3 speed settings and decent strength at high (its too cold after a few minutes) Nice and quiet on the lowest setting. As a bonus, you can run it off a battery pack outdoors etc, just needs to be flat to not spill water.

    We are loving this small air cooler! Currently we have it in our kitchen, and run it when we have to have the oven on, and it helps keep the area cooler. We’ve also tried it out in our garage while working on projects. We’ve been very pleased with how it works. The directions are thorough making it easy to operate. We haven’t found it to put too much moisture into the air, even in the hot humid south. We plan on giving at least one as a gift because it’s working so well for us!



    THIS IS AWESOME!!!! i have this at my desk and I love it. I work in a big size office so there are SO MANY computers on and of course the company is stingy with the AC that I get hot!! I didn't want to believe this would work but man o man does it work!!! a better trick is if you can manage to stuff it with ice cubes and water it will feel like you have AC right in front of you! the fan does make noise but it is not loud or anything it is just a little bit louder than computer fan running hot. but trust me this thing is really worth it!!


    My office is at the front of our house where the afternoon sun shines in. It gets warmer than the rest of the house so I thought this would be a great thing to help keep me cool! It's AMAZING.

    I was really surprised at how long it produces cool air, and it's small enough it doesn't take up a bunch of space! Highly recommend it, and I love it.

    Its a great product and can be used in the car and the office, will be really useful for this summer.


    Set your own temperature with this Portable Personal Cooler Fan!

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